World Café

The world Café will treat guests to a taste of what is offered by ethnic restaurants. Experience the culinary delights of spices, textures and aromas of new foods.

Watch as our list of 2017 restaurants grows.


Spicy Asian Cajun


       Baked Fish w/ Shrimp Cream Sauce

       Shrimp Eggplant Dressing

       Collard Greens Gumbo

       Shrimp Dressing

Grill Daddy of New Orleans


       Charbroiled Oysters

       Crawfish Bisque

       Seafood Spinach Roll




          Beef and chicken Fajitas

        Carne Asada


        Tres Leche



Nobless Oblige Tea House


       Sweet Potato Pie

          Tea Cakes


           Spice Tea



Shrimp n Jazz


           Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

           White Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding




        Indonesian Coffee Tastings


Royal Tandoor



Indrea's Gourmet Popcorn

Brazilian Treats

Raja's Curry Kitchen and Grill

Our 2017 Sponsors

Memorial Hospital






Allen Parish Hospital



Dr, Mrs Jay Patel

Dr, Mrs Kashi Yadalam

Gul & Nazia Awan

Dr Aneeta Afzal

Dr Shami Syed

Diana Hamilton

John & Sylvia Stelly